Most Popular Flavors

Pink Vanilla

Blue Blueberry

Purple Grape

Original Mixed Flavors

Made with 100% organic ingredients

Mango Chile

sweet mango kicked up a notch with a shake of hot chile – fiesta time!

Salted Caramel

creamy caramel with a pinch of sea salt on top – sweet with a hint of savory!

The Aloha

watermelon & coconut swirled together, topped with watermelon Pop Rocks!

Strawberry Lemonade

bright lemon swirled with fresh strawberry.

Pop Puf

pure vanilla topped with Pop Rocks – a double fun explosion of yum!

Honey Rose

honey and rose spun together – an elegant floral friendship!

Chai Tea

chai floss dusted with Indian inspired spices – exotically delicious!

Lychee Green Tea

lychee dusted with real matcha green tea powder – bright and creamy!

Sweet Bubbly

sweet champagne topped with white sprinkles – cheers!


creamy goodness topped with cinnamon & sugar - just like the famous rice drink!


sweet vanilla with all-natural confetti sprinkles!

Sparkle Puf

strawberry enchanted with a dash of edible glitter – pure magic!

Single flavored pufs

Made with 100% organic ingredients


fruit stand fresh with a bright berry flavor


sweet and tart with a citrus twist


sweet and fragrant like mango sorbet


rich and creamy – straight from your dreams of paradise

Earl Grey

flowery as a cup of afternoon tea with a splash of cream


light and sophisticated with a subtle fruitiness

Meet our new products

Cotton Candy Burritos
Cotton Candy Beverages
Cotton Candy Cakes

Toppings for cotton candy and snowcones

Pop Rocks, Mini-sugar shapes, Sprinkles, Chocolate shavings, Crushed Oreo, Crushed Graham Cracker, Cereal, Chopped nuts, Crushed candy bars, Crushed Sour Jolly Ranchers, Crushed chips, mini M&M’s, Edible confetti, Edible glitter, Coconut, Powdered sugar, Cinnamon, Color Mist Spray, Chocolate Chip Cookie crumbles, and Crushed freeze-dried fruits.